Make a Payment

We Accept the Following Types of Payments:

  • Cash

  • Check

  • Money Order

  • Cashier Check

  • E-check/ACH Transactions

  • Visa

  • Mastercard

  • American Express

  • Discover

You Can Pay Online Using Our Secure Portal, You Can Also Pay in Person at Our Office, Over the Phone and By Mail.

  • If you are making a payment on behalf of a client, please add a note in the memo section with the name of the client, in order to allow us to connect the payment to the client’s file;

  • Make sure you provide us with your email in the LawPay payment information link, in order to receive an automated emailed receipt

  • Payment processing differs between payment method. Keep this in mind when paying with credit or debit cards, payments can take up to 10 days to process

  • If you are using a foreign bank or financial institution, please notify them that you wish to make a payment in the United States. Additionally, you may be required to pay over the phone, since our payment processor is in the United States.

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