Passport Style Photo Form

Passport-style Photo (Mandatory)

Every Person in a Filing must provide a digital copy of the Passport-style Photo to accompany their Immigration Forms. As a courtesy, our law office will print the photos in 2-8 copies (depending of the filing). This requirement applies to:

  • Petitioners

  • Beneficiaries

  • Applicants

  • Requesters

The Passport-style Photo must meet the following guidelines:

  1. Taken within the Past 30 Days

  2. The photos must be in color, with a plain white background.

  3. Looking Forward.

  4. Zero Shadows in the photo.

  5. No Glasses.

  6. Nothing covering your face.

  7. Photos must be of one person only.

  8. Hair must be behind your ears.

  9. No smiling.

  10. High photo quality, meaning no grainy images.

Note: Do not take a photo of a previous passport-style photo.

For convenience, our office highly recommends using your Camera Phone in taking your passport-style photo.

The Office will review the quality of the photo submitted and crop the photo into passport formatting. This self-taken photo generally saves people $10 to $100 in Passport Photo printing per person, since some filings would need around 10 passport photos. This savings is just a small item our office wishes to help save our clients.

If we believe that the photo does not meet immigration standards, you will be asked to re-submit another photo. Please submit your photo using the photo submission form below.

Example of a Good Passport Photo:

Passport photo example

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