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Lawful permanent residents who wish to become naturalized American Citizens will need to go through the process of naturalization. This process requires the filing of a lengthy immigration application, this application will need to be submitted to USCIS, together with all required supporting evidence as well as its corresponding filing fees.

The majority of our clients have received a denial, or a request for evidence from USCIS due to misapplication of the law, improper processing, or undisclosed criminal history. Showing that a candidate is of good moral character is important, past criminal convictions may affect an applicant’s ability to show that he/she is of good moral character.

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If you have been convicted of a crime in the past, we strongly recommend that you speak to a lawyer before filing your application on your own. Depending on the time of the commission of the crime, as well as the type of criminal violation committed in the past, the person may not be eligible to naturalize.

Here is an estimate for our service:


Law Firm Estimate:

Government Estimate

Estimated Processing Time




2 to 5 months in USCIS Durham, NC




6 to 18 months in USCIS Durham, NC



$210 – $235 (Paid at the US Embassy)

1 Month




2 Months