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There are many reasons why a person should do a background check when it comes to either filing for an immigration benefit, or preparing a defense against deportation proceedings. It is extremely important to be informed before starting certain immigration filings because you may not remember something that happened a long time ago, that is important to your case, but the government will.

When it comes to immigration law, it is crucial to be informed about your background and criminal history before initiating an immigration filing. You may not add information that is required for your immigration filing, simply because you either forgot, or did not think it was important to disclose. But immigration authorities usually look at the omission of information as purposeful and with the intent to hide the truth.

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Criminal Package: Public Record, FBI Criminal Record, and Courthouse Record


Determination of Criminal History on the issue of deportability, inadmissibility, and crimes involving moral turpitude.

Immigration Package: USCIS, EOIR, CBP, and OBIM FOIA


Prepare an Immigrant for their Immigration Case before USCIS, EOIR, or DOS.

Full Search Package of Criminal and Immigration Records


Ideal package for Immigrants with criminal histories and past dealings with Immigration, whether USCIS, CBP, DOS, or Deportation Court.